Green Spring Smoothie

We love smoothies! Our team Naturalbox used to drink them everyday for a breakfast and during the day time, as a healthy snack.

Here's the recipe for our latest "green smoothie" - 2 servings: 

2 organic bananas
1/2 tbs Alkaline Greens - Organic Super Blend from Love Raw
1/2 tbs Lila Majs - Ecoandino 
1/2 tsp Maca - Ecoandino
500 ml coconut water from Coco Do Vale

Alkaline Greens superfood blend is just perfect because it contains few superfoods: Hawaiian spirulina, chia, chlorella, N. Zealand wheatgrass, kelp, nettle. It's certified by Soil Association. 

Mix and enjoy! 
* all the ingredients are available at

Alicja Chlebna
Alicja Chlebna


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